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  • LUMEN is a completely new and different way to present all kind of content. Entering LUMEN the user finds himself within a combination of the real and a virtual world.

    There is no complicated interface - the interaction is based on natural movement, using nothing more than an ordinary source of light – an old-fashioned oil lamp. The user can discover various invisible objects floating around him in virtual space. He can’t see the virtual objects, but they do cast shadows onto the walls of LUMEN: while moving the lamp, the shadows of the virtual objects behave like in reality. This way the user is able to locate those invisible objects. Whenever he enters one of the objects with his source of light, he virtually steps into the object and reveals its content. The content will then be projected onto the walls of the installation.

  • Dec, 3rd 2008: website relaunch

    Revision of the website – Completion of documentation (new video clips added)

    Jun, 27th 2007: LUMEN at 3rd KitKon

    LUMEN will be shown at the 3rd KitKon at Messe Augsburg on June the 27th and 28th. This will be the second time it is built-up but this time for two days.

    May, 3rd 2007: LUMEN at FMX/07

    on May the 3rd, Susanne and Manuel will hold a presentation about LUMEN at the 8th Eyes & Ears Junior-Showcase in Stuttgart. So come and listen to us at 5:10 pm at room Mannheim.

    Feb, 2nd 2007: LUMEN on local TV

    Feb. 2nd 2007

    the local broadcasting station »aTV – Kultur im Profil« reported about the »Nachtschicht« exhibition and LUMEN got a huge section of their airtime.

    Jan, 29th 2007: »Nachtschicht«

    on monday, January the 29th LUMEN made it's first public appearance at the theatre in Augsburg. About 300 guests visited the exhibition, watched and tried the installation in action. We held the final presentation of the project and gave the audience an impression of the conceptual and technical work behind LUMEN.

  • LUMEN is a closed room.

    It includes an audio and video system, that provides the user an immersive experience. Every virtual object has its individual sound, hence one can discern their position in space.

    Despite the interior of LUMEN being insulated against the outside world, spectators can observe the shadow play. Once one enters one of the virtual objects, their contents are also displayed to the outside.

  • Our original team consisted of nine creative students
    of the multimedia-course at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

    our two professors who parented this project during the complete development of LUMEN

  • a real presskit is coming soon... sorry for the delay.

  • Contact former project leader

    Manuel Piepereit
    Lauterlech 47
    86152 Augsburg


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